Alfred Russel Wallace

Darwin’s Heretic

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I finally found the time to watch this video (at least the 20 minutes provided here) on Alfred Russel Wallace. It is amazing that I have never heard to this guy before. Who really has? How can that be? He was a cofounder with Darwin, and remained an unknown to us today. How can his ideas and life be so buried from the general public?

I found Wallace’s book “The World of Life” in Kindle format on-line, and look forward to reading it this year. It is interesting to note that Wallace was not a theist. He came to his conclusion of intelligent evolution based on observations of the natural world.


Debate concerning Alfred Russel Wallace

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I am almost finished with reading and taking notes on Signature in the Cell, and have found a great source of information for furthering my knowledge at Evolution News and Views. Already I have seen names quoted in the is book (James Shapiro, William Dembski), and see that there will be an on-line debate  between Michael Shermer (editor of Skeptic magazine and Discovery Institute’s Michael Flannery. The debate is concerning Alfred Russle Wallace. This man apparently shares credit with Darwin for the theory of evolution, but then came to embrace Intelligent Design. There is an movie made about his life by Flannery.

I also saw that there is a discussion going between a number of people, sparked by an aritcle by Dembski that asks, “Is James Shapiro a Design Theorist?” Perhaps here is where one can find links to all those involved.

I want to see the movie and read Shermer’s criticism, but I am trying to work diligently to finish Signature first. I wanted to capture some of the links here for future reference.