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ID on the Abrams Report

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The infamous Abrams Report with Stephen Meyer and Eugenie Scott.

Well, I really don’t want to take the time to comment on this video. It is old and was just after the Dover school court case (or possibly during, I’m not quite sure) where the school district wanted to present ID as an alternative.

I would like to good on Meyer, going on a very hostile show and holding his own. That show is just mosh pit of opinion, and there is no such thing as being “rude,” so get off it Eugenie.

After reading Signature in the Cell, Eugenie’s claim that “Intelligent Design makes the claim that there are things out there in nature that are just categorically unexplainable by natural cause; therefore they were created–designed–by an intelligent agent…” What complete hogwash! Things?? The focus of ID is quite narrow: the origin of biological information. Evolution has been unable to categorically explain the origin of life. That is what ID seeks to address.

Abrams. A mindless bully with some else’s notes.