About this Blogger

Kip Lowery

I am a Christian man, scientist, husband and father of now four children. My most recent pursuit of a “self-education” started last May at the 2011 NCHE conference, the Classical Conversation Tutor Practicuum in June 2011, and the book A Thomas Jefferson Education. As I considered how much more I wanted for my children, I realized I was not even remotely satisfied with my own level of knowledge and understanding. I started to see that somewhere along the line, I had started to just float along. What did I want to do with my life? At the end of my years, what did I want to look back and see? What kind of impact would I have?

From A Thomas Jefferson Education, I learned that teachers do not educate, students do. Teachers can inspire and mentor, but only the student can truly pursue a topic, learn and educate themselves. If I was to inspire and mentor my children, didn’t that mean I needed to (1) have a reason for inspiration and (2) have something in my brain to mentor them? I realized in June that I controlled my fate. I could fill in the gaps in my learning and clean out the rust and cobwebs from my critical thinking machine.

I wanted to have a blog to try to express what I am learning, and to force myself to thinking critically. Ultimately, I thank God for bringing me to this point in life and enabling me to grow in His wisdom.

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